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Remote and Blended Work Video Learning Programs

Remote and blended work is here to stay, with many firms offering flexibility to choose where work is completed or even where team members live. According to our 2020 Anytime, Anywhere Work™ survey results, over 81% of firms expect an increase in people working remote going forward.

Successfully managing a remote or blended workforce requires firm leadership to adopt a new mindset and for all team members to learn new skills. Leaders must let go of outdated ways of thinking, shifting to proven strategies that will serve them in today’s location-independent market for talent and clients.

To help your firm’s partners and managers shift to this new remote or blended paradigm, we have developed Do It Yourself (DIY) Remote and Blended Work Video Learning Programs designed to support you in driving change wherever your firm is now. These on-demand DIY videos allow you to share them with your team members in smaller, manageable segments and use them over time to ensure that all team members benefit from new ways of thinking and working. The Video Learning Programs for CPA and Consulting Firms include:

Successfully Managing a Remote and Blended Team ($399)

Improve your firm’s ability to manage a remote and blended workforce. This video learning program includes a toolset with resources, customizable tools, and articles to help you implement these ideas, including our Flex and Remote Work Guidelines template. The learning program is comprised of the following video segments:

    Trends and Market Data

    This very short intro video reviews market-driven analytics that support the continuing shift to the remote or blended workplace. Use this data to educate your team members about why your firm must make the leap to becoming a workplace where remote team members can succeed.

    Mindset Shifts Required

    This video will help you learn the very important mindset shifts and trust building needed to lead in a remote and blended environment.

    Nurturing Culture and Staying Connected

    In this discussion, you’ll identify strategies to build a culture to stay close and connected with your team members even when you’re not working in the same physical space.

    Clarifying Expectations

    When expectations are clear, projects run smoothly, and teams feel “in sync.” This segment helps you create an environment of clear expectations for roles, projects, work product and staying in communication.

    Leveraging Technology

    In this final video of the series, you’ll learn about a range of remote work technology enablers that can make your team more efficient and effective when working remotely.

Successfully Serving Clients and Developing Business in a Remote and Blended Environment ($349)

Learn how to serve clients outside of your geography with strategies that also apply to in-area clients, which includes a toolset with resources, customizable tools, and articles to help you implement the ideas in this video series. This learning program iscomprised of the following segments:

    Trends and Market Data

    In this short first video in the series, you’ll be exposed to market data pointing to client expectations for an increasingly digital and customized experience.

    Being In Touch With Your Clients

    This segment will help you recognize that great client service and really knowing your clients in a remote or blended environment happens with intentionality and by making time to reach out, connect, and offer assistance that supports their latest needs.

    Going Borderless With Your Niche

    Remote client service opens up possibilities for expanding outside your geography and growing your pool of target clients, and this segment will explore borderless reach.

    Building Your Brand

    This segment will explore digital marketing strategies to reach prospects and stay in touch with clients. We’ll explore ideas for creating thought leadership and becoming a “famous person” in your specialty area, reaching targets outside your geographic area as well as local prospects looking for a more digital experience.

    Remote or Blended Selling

    This final video in this series will help you learn remote selling techniques to support business development with prospects outside your geography and augment what you’re doing in your local area as well.

Addressing Common Objections to Remote and Blended Work ($349)

Struggling with buy-in to remote? Challenged with firm leaders or team members who aren’t convinced remote or blended work will work? ConvergenceCoaching facilitators and remote-work experts address the common objections that impede the move to a more-remote environment in this video series, including:

    Why Remote or Blended?

    This first video provides a quick look at the latest market drivers causing firms to embrace the remote and blended paradigm.

    How Will I Manage a Remote or Blended Workforce?

    In this video, you’ll learn ways to overcome objections like how we’ll manage a team that we can’t see, how will we collaborate when some of us are working remotely, and how to manage meetings when some participants participate remotely.

    Will Remote Resources Be Productive?

    This segment addresses common productivity concerns with a more-remote environment. We’ll discuss concerns like whether your remote team will be productive, how to keep a blended team on track, and how to ensure that the in-office team doesn’t get overburdened because of working with remote team members.

    How Will I Train and Develop Remote Resources?

    This segment provides talking points for your firm leaders who cannot picture effectively training and developing remote team members. In it, you’ll learn strategies to overcome objections like we can’t onboard or run internships in a remote paradigm, people don’t learn as well remotely, and remote team members can’t elevate to leadership roles.

    Will We Lose Our Culture?

    In this last video of the objection handling series, we’ll explore concerns related to changes to your firm culture caused by remote and blended work and how to address them, plus a discussion of some cultural pitfalls that sometimes arise as you have more team members working remotely.

Please note, you will have access to the Remote and Blended Work Video Learning Programs for one year from purchase, and they are not eligible for CPE credit. We will send you a firm username and password within two business days for you to share with your firm members. They will use these firm credentials to login, view the videos and access the toolset. The firm password will allow you to keep your personal learning center credentials private while also sharing the resources more widely in your firm.

If you are a leader in a State Society or CPA Association interested in making the Remote and Blended Work Video Learning Programs available for your member firms, please contact us.

At ConvergenceCoaching, LLC. we are here to provide support for your firm’s transition to a more remote, blended environment. Contact us to learn more about our personalized learning for teams, as well as coaching and consulting services.

You can purchase each of the video learning programs separately:

Successfully Managing a Remote and Blended Team
Fee: $399.00
Successfully Serving Clients and Developing Business in a Remote and Blended Environment
Fee: $349.00
Addressing Common Objections to Remote and Blended Work
Fee: $349.00
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